A Q&A with Levison Wood

In honour of the online launch of Ambition snacks, we had an interview with our co-founder, Levison Wood. Over the past few years Levison has become a best selling author and photographer through his travels and experience across 100 countries. On his most recent expedition he went to Botswana to explore the impact of the poaching of elephants in Africa. We catched up with Levison to discuss his latest book and what he learnt from his adventures. 


What encouraged you to go to Africa and look at the poaching of elephants? 

I have always been drawn to Africa, especially after my walk along the Nile 2014. After this, I became a lot more interested in conservation and wanted to participate in journeys that have a conservation aspect. Botswana really stood out in this sense due to having the highest population of elephants in Africa. I knew this trip would help me understand both the positive and negative news surrounding elephants poaching.


What was your favourite part of the trip? 

Obviously getting to see the elephants is up there, but we came across a vast amount of other wildlife too which was amazing to see; I had amazing encounters with lions which was incredible. 


What did you learn from your trip? 

I think the main part was understanding the respect we must give to nature and wildlife. It is definitely something which shouldn’t be taken for granted and we do need to work to protect it. But I think that all comes down to education and being aware of the impacts of things like poaching. 

We are so lucky to have Levison on our ambition journey. We will be back with more blogs from him soon. 

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