Levison Wood In Africa

After speaking to Levison Wood for our online launch, we interviewed him again to find out a bit more about his experience in Africa. 

Other than the poaching scene, what else did you experience in Africa? 

The venture was definitely not just about wildlife and nature, I got to experience the communities where the poaching takes place. A lot of these communities are overlooked and disadvantaged. 

What are the key things you have learnt from the African community? 

Unfortunately, a lot of individuals in Botswana live on the bread line. So when an elephant comes through and eats a whole year's supply of crops it has a massive impact on the farmers livelihoods. Obviously, It is devastating to see what happens to the elephants and I was so upset and angry to see it firsthand. However, in some sense you can see why they want to take revenge on the animals.  

Did this help provide a different perspective on the situation? 

It did make me think differently about it all, I was given a different point of view from every area of the poaching such as the surrounding community, tourists and conservationists. I was really able to put myself in the shoes of all the different people. 

How do you think poaching in the community can be helped?

I think a lot of the issues in the community can be changed through education and learning. Such as showing them the value of wildlife, rather than it being perceived as something for tourists. Their perspective of elephants can help change a lot of the actions. 

A big thank you to Levison for speaking to us about this. We love to see his ambition to work with local communities in Africa and his passion and involvement in these projects. 

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